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About the Brain Bootcamp Method

I’m Micah McGuire, founder of The Mind Redesign and instructor for the Brain Bootcamp. Curious to find out more about our method? Read on.

Academics is a 100% performance sport.

No one understood this better than my mother, an accomplished pianist and long time music teacher. From an early age, she infused performance principles into my academic education, such as:

  1. Performance is all in the preparation.

    The work of the performance begins with the preparation. To perform at your best, push your abilities in practice until the performance is easy. Every bit of preparation will pay off dividends.

  2. The key to a perfect performance: make your mistakes in practice and rework them.

    There’s no such thing as a bad mistake in practice. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and improve.

  3. Perception is everything

    The performer may remember making one mistake. But the audience won’t. So don’t let one small error derail you.

  4. Realize it will be enough

    In any performance endeavor, there comes a point that extra practice won’t help. You simply have to let go and say “I did my best—it will be enough.”

This mindset education beyond my education allowed me to score a 35 on my first ACT attempt and become a National Merit scholar and Auburn Elite Scholar. I continued to refine these practices throughout my college career to graduate Auburn’s microbiology program as a summa cum laude University Honors Scholar.

Today, the same performance principles guide The Mind Redesign’s academic peak performance coaching.

We’ve distilled years of training and hours of studying research backed productivity methods into an academic performance system. One that can give your child an extra academic boost they won’t learn in school.

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